Pierre Jahan (1909 -2003), Photographer. A man, a passion, a witness of the 20th century.
1909 -2003 Pierre Jahan Photographer A man, a passion, a witness of the 20th century.

Celebrities : Picasso, Braque, Colette, Cocteau...

« The approach of a writer, or any other celebrity, varies according to his/her nature and notoriety. Of all the people I took photos of, the person I was closest to was Jean Cocteau. From our first meeting in 1941, a sincere friendship was born and it got stronger until his death.»

Return of the works at the Louvre Museum

« 1946. René Huyghe, who was at that time curator-in-chief of the Dept of painting at the Louvre Museum, called me to let me know that works of art which had been stored or hidden in the provinces were going to return to the Musem. If I wanted to take photos of this, I had to be at the Donon door on such date, at such time. Of course I went ! »

The Liberation 

« As a member of the underground press committee, I found myself mobilised on August 20th 1944 under the command of a big-mouthed journalist who, the day before, offered himself two stripes of lieutenant. «You must be wherever the shooting is », which was easy enough as there were shootings from every side. »

The Occupation

« 1940 – 1941 : The occupying forces are not in a bad mood yet ;  the army had received the order to show understanding ; the key sentence was : « Wooooe to the warrrrrrrrr». But it didn’t last long. » 

The Universal Exhibition of 1937

« I was then living in rue La Fontaine. The Universal Exhibition was just a stone’s throw from home. I went there nearly every day with my precious pass, given by the Prefecture, in hand. I had just bought, for my holidays, a tiny sailing ship that I launched in the middle of the Exhibition with the utmost thoughtlessness! I was hoping to be able to take some original pictures. The river police squad rapidly put an end to my attempt at international photo reports : I got my first ticket!»